electric meter home 250RCD Corporation® Mastics are air duct sealants that save energy by sealing leaking air conditioning, heating, and HVAC air ducts in forced air heating and cooling systems. Central air conditioning and heating systems move conditioned air through air ducts. Leaks in HVAC air duct systems waste energy, money, and reduce indoor air quality. Repairing and sealing sheet metal ductwork, flexible duct, fiberglass duct board, and crawl spaces with RCD Corporation® adhesives, mastics, and insulation coatings improves indoor air quality, saves energy, electricity, money, and reduces carbon emissions. Professional Air Conditioning, Heating, Mechanical, and Weatherization Contractors and Technicians depend on RCD products every day. 

What is Mastic? A thick compound used to seal joints and seams in building materials.

RCD Corporation® duct mastics are weather resistant, earn LEED credits, are low odor, environmentally friendly and easy to use. Sealing duct leaks in single and multi-family dwellings, offices, hospitals, high rises, government and military buildings improves indoor comfort and air quality, saves electricity, and reduces carbon emissions.

RCD Mastics, adhesives, and weather barrier coatings are considered green building products. They're water-borne, release minimal pollutants, reduce heating and cooling loads, block the introduction, development or spread of indoor contaminants, contain recycled materials and are packaged in recyclable plastic containers.

Home weatherization assistance programs (WAP) exist in almost every community in the United States. Sealing air ducts, doors, windows, and the thermal envelope are vital components of these programs. Other components include installing insulation, thermally efficient water heaters, heat pumps, and other energy efficient appliances. Weatherization is not limited to residential construction. Offices, hospitals, stores, and commercial buildings have a large carbon footprint and benefit from the same techniques used in home weatherization. Blower door testing provides a method to quantify and pin point air leakage in almost any structure. Take a moment to review RCD's duct sealing tips pages to learn the basics of how and where to seal air ducts.


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