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5 ductliner adhesive S

#5 Ductliner Adhesive®

#5 Ductliner Adhesive® is a water-borne, co-polymer adhesive formulated to bond low or high density fiberglass insulation to sheet metal air ducts. Non-flammable wet or dry.
6 mastic S

#6 Mastic®

#6 Mastic® Low to High Velocity Air Duct Sealant is fiber reinforced and preferred by HVAC and weatherization contractors across the country for sealing the joints and seams of thermal insulation, crawl space vapor retarder, house wrap & all air duct types.
8 mastic S

#8 Mastic®

#8 Mastic® is a water-borne sheet metal air duct sealant preferred by mechanical contractors for sealing air ducts in commercial construction.
9 mastic S

#9 Mastic®

#9 Mastic® Low To High Velocity Air Duct Sealant is a water-borne sealant preferred by HVAC and weatherization contractors for sealing rigid fiberglass air duct plenums and distribution boxes.
15 weather barrier coating S

#15 Weather Barrier Coating®

#15 Weather Barrier Coating® is a bright white, water-borne, multi-purpose coating for protecting air ducts and thermal insulation exposed to the weather.
20 clear sealant S

#20 Clear Sealant®

#20 Clear Sealant® is a clear construction sealant and gasketing material that applies white and cures clear.
52 spray adhesive S

#52 Spray Adhesive®

#52 Spray Adhesive® is formulated to bond fiberglass insulation to galvanized and aluminum sheet metal. A whole lot of value in one small can!
glasscoat S


Glasscoat® is an inorganic woven fiberglass mesh that provides air duct joint reinforcement. Coated on one side with pressure sensitive adhesive. 
fin plenum brush M

Fin & Plenum Brush

RCD Corporation's® Fin & Plenum Brush has a 2 inch wide, natural bristle, angled head, with a 14 inch long wood handle. The best tool for those difficult to reach areas.
doug bobblehead S
RCD Corporation's official mascot: Doug, The Ductwork Detective® Bobble Head. Let Doug help you find duct leaks.