#52 Spray Adhesive®#52 Spray Adhesive®
#52 Spray Adhesive®
#52 Spray Adhesive® Adjustable Spray

  • Adjust Spray Pattern: Vertical to Horizontal
  • Adjust Spray Volume: Low, Medium, High
  • Webbing Spray Improves Coverage
  • Fast Tacking
  • VOC Compliant
  • Made in U.S.A.

#52 Spray Adhesive®

RCD Corporation's #52 Spray Adhesive® is formulated to bond fiberglass insulation to galvanized and aluminum sheet metal. This aerosol spray adhesive has low soak-in properties and bonds to a variety of construction surfaces. This handy, compact and portable aerosol can eliminates expensive application equipment, time consuming clean-up and saves valuable floor space; while remaining VOC compliant and earning LEED Credits. Multiple adjustments at the spray nozzle allow adjusting the spray volume and pattern (see image below) and the webbing spray pattern provides greater coverage in less time. A whole lot of value in one small can! Net weight: 12 ounces.

Please Note: Aerosol sprays cannot be shipped via air services - ground service only.

Please note: To order quantities greater than available through RCD’s online store please contact us at 352.589.0099 or send an email to customercare@rcdcorp.com and we will be happy to fulfill your order.