#34 Coil & Fin Cleaner

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#34 Coil & Fin Cleaner®

#34 Coil & Fin Cleaner®
  • Non-Acid
  • CFC Free
  • High Foaming Action
  • Water-Based


#34 Coil & Fin Cleaner® is Made in the USA

RCD Corporation® #34 Coil & Fin Cleaner® helps remove buildup and other debris found on evaporator and condensing coils. Its foaming action provides excellent vertical hold that liquefies and drains away within minutes. #34 Coil & Fin Cleaner's® powerful, non-acid, and non-corrosive cleaning action makes it the best choice for cleaning permanent washable air filters and washable electronic air cleaners. This handy aerosol cleaner is easy to use and requires no measuring and mixing. No work stoppages due to broken pump sprayers. Cleans the exterior of air ducts and can make grilles and registers look new. Clean coils and filters save energy and improve indoor air quality and comfort.

Aerosol sprays cannot be shipped via air services.

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#34 Coil & Fin Cleaner® Product Data Sheet


#34 Coil & Fin Cleaner® Safety Data Sheet



Use to Clean:  Automotive Uses:

 Heat Pumps

 A/C Coils

 Grilles & Registers

 ■ Radiators

 ■ Intercoolers

 ■ Wheels & Tires







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